Our approach mostly depends on creating porosity in functional organic and inorganic materials by soft and hard templating approaches and their extensive characterization.

As our INST PhD students are register in IISER, Mohali and PU, Chandigarh for their PhD degree. INST is also conducting PhD course work for 1st year of their PhD career.

S.No Course and class Subject(s) taught Remarks
1. INS653: “Chemistry of Nanomaterials: Synthesis, Properties and Applications” (23 classes) Hydro-(Solvo- )thermal synthesis, Template based synthesis - Porous materials, Spray pyrolysis, VLS growth, Lithography, Carbon nanostructures, Metal and metal oxide based nanostructures and Core- shell nanostructures Coordinator
2. INS660: “Plasmonics and it’s applications” (8 classes) Fabrication of plasmon supporting systems: CVD, PVD, Electrodeposition, Thermal Deposition, Selfassembly, E-Beam Lithography, Interference Lithography, Photonic crystals Coordinator
3. INS652: “Characterization of Nanomaterials” (5 classes) Basic concepts and synthesis of nanomaterials (Nanoparticles, Solvothermal synthesis, Nanoporous inorganic and organic materials, Carbon materials, Quantum dots, Supramolecular materials)Surface characterization: Principles and theories of Physisorption, isotherms, determination of porous features and practical examples Instructor